Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Resources for Artists and Art Lovers

Twice a week, British Columbia painter Robert Genn sends me a thoughtful, thought-provoking letter. I'm not the only one who gets to read these gems. I've probably been subscribing since 2000 or 2001; since that time, his list of subscribers has grown by hundreds of thousands. He writes about what's on his mind, artistically speaking; shares his experiences painting all around the world; talks about the creative process; and responds to the questions of correspondents. I always learn something new.

You can read about the newsletter and subscribe at www.painterskeys.com. If you'd like to read a sample of previous letters, posted with the responses of his subscribers, you can pick from a selection of current ones at http://clicks.robertgenn.com/.

If you'd like to see his work - primarily, but not exclusively, landscapes - you can find it at www.robertgenn.com.

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