Sunday, March 21, 2010

An invitation for Wednesday and Friday class members

Special announcement for Wednesday's class –
open to students in both Wednesday and Friday classes!

Dan Dinneane, a fellow painter in both the Wednesday and Friday classes, has invited us to paint on his ranch, in a beautiful spot with a spectacular view of the Palisades. Wednesday's class will meet there at 1:00 rather than at the Art Center. It's not too far from this spot I photographed last fall, on Palisades Road.

There is plenty of shade, but be sure to bring a hat if you want to be in the sun. You will also need to bring drinking water, as well as your regular painting materials, including an easel if you have one. Be sure to bring a camera to take reference photos for later, too!

As a special treat, there is a possibility that a friend of Dan's, the painter Wade Hoefer, may come to meet and talk with us. You can see his website at His work is wonderful – subtle, luminous visions – of a kind of archetypal landscape. Please take a look at it, and think of what questions you may want to ask him, if he is able to join us.

The address is 3003 Lake County Highway (also known as Hwy #29 North). It is about one mile north of the intersection of Silverado Trail and Lincoln Avenue, just across from Palisades Road. Look for a yellow farmhouse.

Call me (942-0197) to find out how to get in the gate. Once you're inside, please park at the left of the driveway, not at the estate. If you talk with anyone else from the classes between now and then, could you make sure they know about it, and see if they will be able to join us?

The Friday class will meet on Friday at the Art Center as usual – this is an extra treat, if you are able to come!

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