Monday, March 1, 2010

Scumbling video lesson with Jan Blencowe

Using a scumbling technique to create atmosphere in a sky is a helpful video demonstration of scumbling by painter Jan Blencowe, with clear explanation and instruction.

In this demonstration, she uses a short-handled bristle brush from a hardware store, and shows clearly how she gets paint off the brush before working on the canvas, leaving a nice, dry brush. She applies the paint with a circular, scrubby stroke, creating a kind of veil of color over the color underneath, and giving a lovely atmospheric feeling to the sky in this painting.

You can also find Jan Blencowe's work on her website at and on her blog at


  1. Hi Karen,

    Thanks so much for sharing my video! Scumbling is a great technique that can be used in a variety of media to create hazy atmosphere and distance. In both oils and watercolor make sure the first layer is completely dry before scumbling, in pastels hold the pastel on its side and use a light circular motion. And of course in acrylic the previous layer dries quickly and you can scrub energetically until you get the desired effect.

  2. Hi Jan!

    You are so very welcome - thank you for making and posting it! It's a great demonstration. I know my students will appreciate it. I've also added links to your website and blog, which I should have included already - my apologies for the omission!